Bird of the Month - Dark-Eyed Junco

We are in the midst of the winter season, and what better bird of the month than our seasonal “snow bird”, the Dark-Eyed Junco! With their elegant gray and white plumage, and plump, round bodies, what’s not to love about this charming New World Sparrow? Did you know there are around 15 subspecies of this bird? Here in Colorado, it is very common to see the Gray-headed morph (pictured).

Juncos truly are winter-loving birds, spending their summers in Canada and the arctic, and wintering in the United States. When these guys show up, you can be sure that cold weather is on the way!

Would you like to attract juncos to your yard? These little birds love to forage on the ground for seeds, so scattering some millet on the ground will keep them busy and happy! They will also sometimes eat from a tray feeder, especially low trays near to the ground.

Staying fat is key to surviving the harsh winter weather, though the average junco only weighs around an ounce! Being so small, it makes sense that they would prefer to stay in large flocks…during the winter months, anyway. Once nesting season hits, the males are very territorial.

Have you seen juncos in your yard yet?