Fun Facts - Dark-Eyed Junco

• When a male junco is courting a female, he will fan his wings and tail, hop around, and hold some nesting material in his beak.
• “Junco” is the Spanish word for “rush”.
• Some of the other subspecies of the Dark-Eyed Junco include the slate-colored dark-eyed junco, the pink-sided dark-eyed junco, the red-backed dark-eyed junco, Oregon dark-eyed junco, and the extremely rare Guadalupe dark-eyed junco. (pictured in order below)

• The scientist Carl Linneaus, who formalized binomial nomenclature (the scientific system of naming organisms), described the junco as Fringilla hyemalis, meaning “Black finch with white belly”
• The Dark-eyed Junco has been known to cross-breed with the White-throated Sparrow.