• The Common Yellowthroat is a member of the family Parulidae, which includes Ovenbirds and Warblers.

• The bird is often parasitized by Cowbirds, who will lay their eggs in the Yellowthroat’s nest. The babies will far outgrow their adopted siblings, often monopolizing most of the food brought to the nest.

• The female Yellowthroat will build a cup nest with a partial roof, made of plant material and animal fur. She will hide it deep in the vegetation, less than 3 feet off the ground.

• The eggs are creamy white with dark brown spots, quite the little jewels!

• Their latin name is Geothlypis Trichas. Geo from the Greek word for “ground”, thlypis is the name often given to New World Warblers, and Trichas, which comes from the Greek trikhos meaning “hair”.

Common Yellowthroat Eggs

Image courtesy of https://macaulaylibrary.org/