Local Artist Spotlight - J & J Glass Mosaics

J&J Glass Mosaics is a mother-daughter team of Jessica and Jane Arnold from Colorado Springs. They work with multi-colored glass to create beautiful images relating to Colorado such as the mountains, flowers, and native birds.

J&J Mosaics will be joining us for an in-store show April 30th and May 1st!

“It was 2020, we were stuck in our house. My mom found a glass mosaic class online and we were hooked. We started by making Christmas presents and from there it has evolved into a business.”

“Jessie and I have always loved taking art classes and enjoy the bonding opportunities when taking them together. With the glass mosaic class, it presented an opportunity for Jessie to volunteer at a glass shop and learn more about glass art techniques. Because of her learning differences, it also opened up a possibility of her being able to work as an artist and have an occupation that she loves.“